John Ottman – Hide And Seek

““On the surface, it seems like just another mediocre score from John Ottman. But once you are introduced to the main theme, you may start to realize how adorable this thriller score can somehow be as I do. For me, due to its right tone along with many pleasing variations in overall, this score simply has something to enjoy listening to.”


01. Leaving The City (Main Title) (5/5)

02. Exploring (5/5)

03. What Did You Do? (3/5)

04. Can You See Now? (3/5)

05. Toy Shrine (4/5)

06. The Playground (5/5)

07. Getting Away! (3/5)

08. Doll Head (4/5)

09. Playing With Charlie (3/5)

10. Beyond Therapy  (3/5)

11. Snooping (2/5)

12. Kitty Bath (3/5)

13. Marco Polo (2/5)

14. The Cave (2/5)

15. Hide & Seek (Emily’s Theme) (5/5)

16. Hide & Seek (4/5)
Performed By Sharlotte Gibson

Final Score: 7


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