Hans Zimmer – King Arthur *Review In English*

“Rich, breathtaking & touching! Zimmer’s KING ARTHUR is a superb epic score & one of his best works you rarely find today. For Moya Brennan, she is a perfect addition!”

KING ARTHUR is an epic action-adventure film in 2004 based on the historical story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua, produced by a high-profile producer Jerry Bruckheimer and starred solid cast such as Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd, Keira Knightley, and  Stellan Skarsgard. Unfortunately, this film did just a mediocre performance when it hit the theatre at that time. However, fortunately, it has proved to do a better performance on DVD release with its Unrated Director’s Cut, which I also find it more enjoyable than the PG-13 theatrical Cut.

For KING ARTHUR score, it is composed by Hans Zimmer, just the year after his collaboration with this director in TEARS OF THE SUN (not considering the fact that he has used the composers of Media Ventures since Harry Gregson-Williams’ THE REPLACEMENT KILLER in 1998).  From the list of his composition in 2004, I can truly say that this one is the best of them all. This score has got a big orchestra and fine synthesizer to create epic scale music for a big-budget film with an epic period set, which you can mostly count on Zimmer and his team as usual. In addition to that, it is also featured an Irish female vocalist named Moya Brennan whose unique airy voice can truly enhance Zimmer’s score in terms of romance, somber, and haunting atmosphere.

To begin with, let start at the first track called Tell Me Now (What You See). This touching theme song is written by Moya Brennan and Hans Zimmer and it directly introduces you to the great voice of Brennan as well as the glorious theme composed by Zimmer, which is going to be used throughout the whole score for sure.

The theme continues in Woad To Ruin, starting at 2:27 right after the epic prelude, and now you can feel how powerful or stunning this theme can be. Next, the thrill initiates with the Woad tribe motif (spotted by the pipe sound) and battlefield sequence music. In the last couple minutes, this track ends triumphantly with the Knight March.

For more Brennan voice with some romantic touch and more powerful use of the theme, just check Hold The Ice and All of Them! and you will know what I mean, especially the latter one which is one of the perfect epilogue I’ve ever heard. Moreover, the Knight March is also expanded to be more triumphant in the last track too.

Another Brick In Hadrian’s Wall is the weakest link comparing to the others yet it is still a listenable stuff as the reprise of the Knight March is included and, at least, the instruments can still hold the track nicely.

Here comes the Budget Meeting which is the bombard track I want to recommend the most. From a long piece of battlefield music used in the film, especially in the Director’s Cut version, it is re-arranged into a 10-minute-length track but don’t get disappointed for that, though the Woad tribe motif is missing, other good essences of the score are still presented here and it is done perfectly to suit a stand-alone listening experience.

Do You Think I’m Saxon? seems to be a great track which is able to stand out on its own. This is a track that can somehow freak you out with its dark rhythm from haunting female voice, deep male choir, some threatening pipes and percussions.

In conclusion, Hans Zimmer’s KING ARTHUR is a superb epic score. It is rich, breathtaking, touching, and importantly extremely enjoyable. For Moya Brennan, she is a perfect addition to this score and her co-written song with Zimmer has become one of my favorite songs so far. Well…despite there are two additional composer also listed on this score (Nick Glennie-Smith and Rupert Gregson-Williams, but that is understandable for Zimmer’s team working. Why? ’cause he is still the head and responsible for majority of the work anyway), I still consider it one of Zimmer best works you rarely find today and worth my soundtrack collection at all cost.


01. Tell Me Now (What You See) (*****)
Performed By Moya Brennan    

02. Woad To Ruin (*****)

03. Do You Think I’m Saxon? (*****)

04. Hold The Ice (*****)

05. Another Brick In Hadrian’s Wall (****)

06. Budget Meeting (*****)

07. All of Them! (*****)

Final Score: 10

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