John R. Graham – Bitch Slap *Review In English*

“This score does a fine job in film and it has not changed much for the stand-alone listening experience. Despite those incontrovertible facts, there are some enjoyable moments from composer’s trailer-music style to enjoy and that is quite compensation.

Soundtrack Label: CDBY Records

Thinking of action and exploitation films, I believe either Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez is the top-of-mind name of the director for that. But that is not my topic here. Looking back in 2009, there is one similar kind of a film directed by neither of both and it is called BITCH SLAP.  As the title shall tell the truth, BITCH SLAP is a straightforward entertainment especially for men due to its combination of action, violence, sex, and coincidently surprising lesbian tendency. In addition, it also stars three hot actresses; Erin Cummings, America Olivo, and Julia Voth. Truthfully as a man, I won’t deny that I enjoy this film and I would like to recommend you all watching the Unrated Cut for more sexy scenes and one minor plot to clarify something the Theatrical R-Rated Cut doesn’t do.

Now cut to the story, the soundtrack review, BITCH SLAP’s score is composed by John R. Graham. Don’t be surprised if you have never heard his name before because Graham is not a high profile composer to be found easily. However, he has already been in this business for years through his associated acts to Immediate Music which name is well-known for the trailer music genre. Therefore; you may now have a clue for what is coming. For the music as heard on the film, it is surely supportive either you will notice or not. For the music as heard on the album presentation, it has quite a tough time for that because most of tracks are rather short and all the enjoyable tracks stay at the beginning and the end of the album. Moreover, the theme is not that strong to be used widespread and then be hummed memorably. Nonetheless, there are moments of trailer music I can still enjoy with a bit of in-the-middle-of-the-desert feeling as well as some sneaky sexy sound. Here are some interesting tracks I can find and you may want to check them out.

Starting with Bitch Slap Theme, the theme track which is put as the last track for some reasons, this track simply introduces what it supposes to and the use of electric guitar is pretty cool here but it just does not reach the point to be the great track yet. Speaking of the great track, we are now back to Every Wickedness which sets an album a good start to the following Hel No! which is the only track I see the potential to give 5 stars for its intensive trailer music style from the heavy use of orchestra, synthesizer, and powerful choir.

Pinky’s Ride is the crescendo track with chilling electric guitar and wildly desirable female voice. Clambake does itself a satisfy job as a show-off B-movie action music with some good motifs. Bachelor Pad, My Old Flame, the first half of Fuchs’ Reward, and I Love You, Man follow the line of action music with the elements we might get used to them by now but they are still enjoyable tracks to listen to. Then, Best Lay Ever has some oddly romantic flourish at the beginning before those usual action music follows up.

For the other half of Fuchs’ Reward I left you with, there are nice piano motifs and calm moments I can finally feel that I can enjoy. For more nice piano motifs, just listen to Fuchs Confesses and you will find calm between the rages again. Fuchs Loves Trixie also has its sweetness for the post final track but in a way too short.

The Car and John Law are not much of a satisfying electric guitar tracks but I just mention them because they have a bit of fresh sound among the mediocre tracks at the middle of the album.

How do I feel about this score? Well… it is pretty awkward to say that I have already expected that it might not turn to be good on the album but, in the end, it is not all that crap as I have previously thought. The thing I can think about the big picture of this score is that it does a fine job in film and it has not changed much for the stand-alone listening experience. Despite those incontrovertible facts, there are some enjoyable moments from composer’s trailer-music style to enjoy and that is quite compensation.

Track List

01. Every Wickedness (****)

02. Hel No! (*****)

03. Pinky’s Ride (****)

04. Clambake (****)

05. Officer F (***)

06. Bachelor Pad (****)

07. My Old Flame (****)

08. The Car (***)

09. Fuchs’ Reward (****)

10. Motorcycle Vasectomy (***)

11. Tattle Tale (**)

12. John Law (***)

13. Works for Pinky (**)

14. I Love You, Man (****)

15. Kinki Spank! (**)

16. Best Lay Ever (****)

17. Horsey (**)

18. Alley Saviour (***)

19. Fuchs Confesses (****)

20. Trunk Man (**)

21. The Tale of Pinky (***)

22. Prison Punch-Up (***)

23. Phoenix Gets Trashed (***)

24. Alpine Hi-Jinks (****)

25. Camero Abuse (**)

26. Eastern Premises (**)

27. Down the Chute (**)

28. Fuchs Loves Trixie (****)

29. Bitch Slap Theme (****)

Final Score:  6.5

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