Brian Tyler – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 *Review In English*

“Some people might think that it is not a big leap from Brian Tyler’s resume; nevertheless, it quickly grows on me and it is so consistently enjoyable that I find it is hard to let go after the first listen”

Soundtrack Label: Activision

From the beginning as a modern combat against terrorism, CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE series has finally come to its epic finale with the world war concept. Both the story of Captain Price and his team trying to stop Makarov as well as the story of Delta Force battling against the Russian invaders in the capital cities of United State and Europe are what the gamers have to play through this time.

I know some of you guys might have felt a bit disappointing when Activision decided to not to bring Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe back in the 3rd installment. I was the one who also felt that way too but that was before I knew Brian Tyler was a replacement composer. As you and I may know Mr. Tyler, he is a kind of composer who can really be counted on when you are seeking the music for action/thriller flicks and for action videogame; there is no exception for the greatness.

In MODERN WARFARE 3, Brian Tyler uses his familiar composition; the aggressive and bold orchestra, synthesizer, guitar, and even a drum kit. Despite being the usual Brian Tyler, MW3 somehow sounds better than many of his action/thriller film scores. This time’s 70-minute-plus lengthy score is loaded with lots of adrenaline and sentiment! Besides, it seems that Tyler has brought back some touch from the first MODERN WARFARE. I am not saying that he has used Harry Gregson-Williams’  theme but I am saying that the theme-driving style is returned after the second score seems extremely rich with motifs yet lacks a single notable theme.

The main theme is directly delivered at a title track Call Of Duty: MW3, a very catchy and elegant tune to set the epic tone for the entire score and the way it ends with percussion is just brilliant. If you really love it, the tracks such as Prague Hostilities and MW3 End Credits will easily satisfy you with variations such as the deep male choir in the first track and a grand closing with emotional crescendo of the second one.

The main theme itself simply drives the whole score with its strength but that is not all Tyler has given us. This score also includes some materials of previous Tyler action/thriller scores but don’t worry, they are not about to ruin anything here. Instead, the score is about to get more stirring. Battle For New York, Paris Siege, Subterranean Recon, and Manhattan Assault are my 5-star striking tracks and I can tell you; there are forceful RAMBO, EAGLE EYE, THE EXPENDABLES, and THE FAST & THE FURIOUS in them.

Hamburg Invasion, the burst at the very end of Battle For New York, the first half of Special Forces, and Arabian End Game are very refreshing action cues. There is no doubt that the electrifying guitar and drum kit play an important role and they simply rock the album.

Next, Tyler can also balance his action and dramatic cues pretty well. The undisputedly highlight is I Stand Alone with the use of sorrowful female vocal at the beginning and powerful brass in the end (intentionally or not, I also find this brass section sounds pretty close to Harry Gregson-Williams’ first MODERN WARFARE theme).

This score also has the Russian approach which shows the side of Brian Tyler we rarely hear. Though it is not a big wow like many respectful pieces of other composers in the past, the use of strings and brasses are quite impressive. For instance, the perfectly intense Russian Warfare, the luxurious Russian Deliberations, and some cool moment at the opening of First Contact.

Overall, MODERN WARFARE 3 is one of the best video game scores I have listened to this year (and probably of all time). Some people might think that it is not a big leap from Brian Tyler’s resume; nevertheless, it quickly grows on me and it is so consistently enjoyable that I find it is hard to let go after the first listen. Its entertaining quality is the real winner!  By the way, as the album presentation, it also seems to have its own story to tell which I highly recommend any soundtrack fans to grab this great listening experience even if you haven’t played the game yet!


01. Call Of Duty: MW3 (*****)

02. Russian Warfare (*****)

03. Prague Hostilities (*****)

04. I Stand Alone (*****)

05. Hamburg Invasion (*****)

06. Battle For New York (*****)

07. Heroes (****)

08. Paris Siege (*****)

09. Special Forces (****)

10. Russian Deliberations (****)

11. London Attack (****)

12. First Contact (*****)

13. The Will Of A Single Man (****)

14. Subterranean Recon (*****)

15. Scouting The Enemy (****)

16. Undersea Warfare / Somali Payback (****)

17. Warlords (****)

18. Manhattan Assault (*****)

19. Arabian End Game (****)

20. MW3 End Credits (*****)

Final Score: 9

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2 Responses to “Brian Tyler – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 *Review In English*”

  1. Nice. I’ve got the game, finished it & immediately downloaded the soundtrack.

    Thanks for the 5-star review….

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