Christopher Young – Dream Lover *Review In English*

“DREAM LOVER is a diversely magnificent score that proves of Young’s early talents and probably one of the best scores from the 90’s.”

Soundtrack Label: Koch Screen

DREAM LOVER is 1994 drama/thriller film with seductive and psychological combinations. The story is about an architect and a company’s owner, Ray Reardon, who is successful in almost everything in his life but love. After having a divorce lately, he has met a mysterious but beautiful woman named Lena Mathers who seems to be just like his dream lover. They get to know each other very well and quickly get married. Then, they live a happy marriage couple. But that is not the end of the story when Ray has one day found some strange evidences which reveal the background of his dream lover whom now he hardly knows anything about at all.

Aside from the sexiest leads of its time; James Spader and Madchen Amick, I can say that the score composed by Christopher Young is also what makes the film highly watchable. And, as an album presentation, it delivers another achievement in composer’s career.

We do know that Christopher Young is no stranger to horror/thriller genre. Actually, he is a master for that. However, in spite of his nowaday well-known reputation, Young indeed started his career as a jazz drummer. Of course, his jazzy style has never been left behind and DREAM LOVER is the early proof of his capability beyond it.

This score consists of the orchestral and electronic elements, which can be still expected from the score of the 90’s. Moreover, there are two primary themes which are melodically catchy and somehow haunting too. The first theme is fully stated in Dream Lover which is the most pleasurably fantasized tone of the entire album so far. The synthetic sounds are crystal and the female vocal really adds some unique emotions to it. Continue with the second theme, it is also fully stated in Moreland’s Galloper Waltz which waltzes round with circus-like and joyous tones nicely.

After all those stylistic opening tracks, the score now gets more emotional involved with the variations. The first theme has got its various follow-up tracks such as the lustful atmospheric Just For You, False Face as a somewhat dark reprise of the latter track, and Lena Lai with small piano and strings performance. Interestingly, Lena Lai also has its fellow track which is Black Widow with a pretty cool Asian instrumental approach (even though it is all synthesized).

As for the second theme, there are three tracks that are quite close to its original cheerful tone. The first one is The Green Palace as a brief reprise with little differences. Next, Forget Me Not is more like an expanded version of it with upbeat jazzy rhythms which really make me want to dance. And, the last one is Flying with some creepily fantasized tone from the first theme. Then, the second theme has come its real luxurious waltz moments in One Last Dance, despite its unnecessarily excerpted speech from the film at the beginning, and Dream Lover’s Waltz in which sweeping strings and horns are undoubtedly pleasing. Furthermore, there is also a touching piano motif derived from this theme which is harmoniously inserted at the middle of Just For You I have mentioned above.

Seen Before and Dead Of Night are two suspenseful tracks which try to be cool in their own methods but in overall, they are rather average for my taste toward Young but they are still listenable as usual.

The album concludes with Sweet Dreams which can be considered as the track of tragic beauty. Two primary themes are perfectly blended to one great piece here and it is performed well through piano, strings, the familiar synthetic sounds, and female vocal.

In conclusion, DREAM LOVER is a diversely magnificent score that proves of Young’s early talents and probably one of the best scores from the 90’s. However, it is sad to see how the score is underrated as much as the film with such limited CD release. Finding it on digital download is probably the only convenient way to get this amazing listening experience but I still recommend any soundtrack collectors buying the CD if there is a chance because it is definitely worth the collection!


01. Dream Lover (*****)

02. Moreland’s Galloper Waltz (*****)

03. Just For You (*****)

04. One Last Dance (*****)

05. Seen Before (***)

06. The Green Palace (****).

07. False Face (****)

08. Lena Lai (****)

09. Forget Me Not (*****)

10. Black Widow (****)

11. Flying (****)

12. Dead Of Night (***)

13. Dream Lover’s Waltz (*****)

14. Sweet Dreams (*****)

Final Score: 9

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