Cliff Martinez – Wicker Park (Score) *Review In English*

“Martinez barely does new things with WICKER PARK but its crossing genre between thriller and romance does make him come up with some melodic joy.”

Soundtrack Label: Lakeshore Records

WICKER PARK is an American remake of 1996 French film called L’APPARTEMENT. The film is considered to be an unusual formula of a romantic drama genre owing to its psychological thriller settings. The story is about an advertising executive, Matthew, who is having a business flight to China. But then, it has to be on hold when he thinks he glancingly sees Lisa, the love of his life who walked out on him without a word two years ago. By tracking her down, it turns out that he runs into another woman named Lisa who also seems very nice to him. However, that is before he starts to suspect her identity and realizes that she may somehow involve in the disappearance of the real Lisa.

Cliff Martinez is a well-known collaborator with director Steven Soderbergh and a composer of ambient electronic music. Many of his works have proven me that they can be fairly good in their context, though they are partially satisfying and hard to stand on its own in my opinion. For WICKER PARK, the electronic texture is as constant as his other works. Nonetheless, the album comes with only 28-minute run (on digital download) which is OK to endure and the concept of mysterious romance somehow brings a pleasant surprise to my ears this time.

The opening Following Daniel is that pleasant surprise. It is so far the most satisfying track from Martinez I agree to give it 5 stars. It sounds lightweight but rich of moving melodies with surreal classical-like performance. This track surely introduces the main theme which is decently used in Finally, You Two Meet and the final track Have A Good Trip for the reprise, even though they don’t live up to its first introduction.

What Size Shoe? And My Dad’s Famous Potatoes are more percussive tracks that Martinez noticeably reuses his thematic materials from SOLARIS (specifically, the main theme used in First Sleep). And, they are equally as enjoyable as their origin.

The other tracks of the score are expectedly subtle and atmospheric. But they are average at best and there is nothing much to discuss about really.

Conclusively, Martinez barely does new things with WICKER PARK but its crossing genre between thriller and romance does make him come up with some melodic joy. Just listen to Following Daniel and you will know.


01. Following Daniel (*****)

02. The Compact (***)

03. What Size Shoe? (****)

04. Sorry (***)

05. Finally, You Two Meet (****)

06. Will I See You? (***)

07. Hello, Who’s This? (***)

08. My Dad’s Famous Potatoes (****)

09. I Am Not What I Am (***)

10. I Didn’t Go To China (***)

11. Have A Good Trip (****)

Final Score: 7

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