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Alan Silvestri – What Lies Beneath

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“As the film demands very little use of the music, I can’t help feeling that the score is darned generic. The main theme is somewhat potential but lacking in general development. According to that, the dramatic part has become so average whereas the thrilling part can be considered to be a bit better only because of Silvestri’s bombastic style. Therefore, he still fails to bring up enough strength on the context and by under 30-minute run on this album; everything just goes on like a cliché before it ends up being forgettable.”

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John Ottman – Hide And Seek

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““On the surface, it seems like just another mediocre score from John Ottman. But once you are introduced to the main theme, you may start to realize how adorable this thriller score can somehow be as I do. For me, due to its right tone along with many pleasing variations in overall, this score simply has something to enjoy listening to.”

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John Debney – No Strings Attached

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 “NO STRINGS ATTACHED is simply lighthearted & cozy. I know I can always trust John Debney for the standard he has established in this genre of score. However, again, it is just that he sticks to this standard too frequent and rarely reaches any higher.”

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EZgirl – The L Word: The Second Season Sessions

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“It is kind of nice that EZgirl has done some variations on Betty’s The L Word Theme. However, a number of short length tracks with their raw arrangement and ridiculously sexual moaning sounds have really ruined all the joy on album presentation. All I can say in brief is that this album is awfully a mess!”

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Brian Reitzell – 30 Days Of Night

Posted in Brian Reitzell, Soundtrack Reviews (Short Quote) with tags , , , , on May 2, 2011 by zahnmimres

“30 DAYS OF NIGHT is a freezing score to suffer! Despite how interesting it may be sometimes, the overall execution is just wrong with the unbalance of electronic sounds. For me, it’s the worst 47 minutes of my life spent on listening to this horrible score!”

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Michael Danna – The Ice Storm [Academy Promo]

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“THE ICE STROM is quite an effectively chilly and sneaky score to feel the loneliness. Unfortunately, it’s just a score whose full release never comes. What we have here is the only small pieces of music that I don’t think I’m able to appreciate them as much as I wish.”

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